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Company Profile

We are backed by a technically sound team that works tirelessly towards providing the clients best-in-class pharmaceutical products. The experts possess considerable industry experience, and are counted among the best in this field. Our professionals include:

  • Chemical Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Quality Controllers
  • Researchers
  • Warehousing Personnel
  • Packaging Experts
  • Sales & Marketing Executive

They continually try to improve the range, increase their technical knowledge & enhance their skills. Their diligent efforts have propelled us to such an enviable position in the industry, and our tremendous success is attributable entirely to them.

  • Mission & Vision
    • Our Mission :

      • To introduce more and more of scientifically based formulations and extracts and to provide best possible services.
      • Develop markets worldwide with an in-depth and long-term approach, maintaining the highest ethical standards at each step.
      • Collaborate to form new association ships with key technology developers based on the talents of each other in order to build a mutually beneficially growth relationships.

      Our Vision :

      • Simplify business model in pharma industry, deliver more innovative and number of products.
      • Grow a diversified business in India and across the world.
  • Strategies & Goals
    • The ongoing changes in the pharmaceuticals industry will represent a challenge, but also provide great opportunities. Abrebte intends to seize these opportunities by being a smart, audacious, knowledge-based and a driving player on the market.

      The strategies outlined below include activities that our employees and strategic partners engage in daily.The work takes place in an atmosphere in which both individual and joint initiatives are actively encouraged. Simple solutions to complex problems are the cornerstone of Mits business philosophy. The strategies listed below serve as guidance in the work of achieving our goals.

      • Increased resources for Sales and Marketing, in order to increase market shares.
      • Support for the existing product portfolio through constant improvements in the supply chain to ensure that strategic key products are always 'best in class'.
      • A broadening of the product offering with added value products, which are less exposed to competition and have higher profit margins.
      • Expanding geographically, primarily through establishment on new markets, but also through strategic acquisitions where justified.
      • Developing and continuing partnership models for the licensing and distribution of Mits products, and also to act as an agent for third parties with the aim of maximising the benefits obtained from our own marketing organisation.els for the licensing and distribution of Mits products, and also to act as an agent for third parties with the aim of maximising the benefits obtained from our own marketing organisation.

  • What we do
    • Mits provides quality medicines at affordable prices. Its product portfolio contains a wide range of products within all major therapeutic areas. Since its inception, Mits has developed the platform and know-how to participate in and to be an integral part of all major steps of the value chain in the offering of generic pharmaceuticals. With the vision of offering quality pharmaceuticals at prices affordable to all, we have to be innovative and at the same time cost-efficient in all stages. This includes operational excellence in departments such as product development, quality assurance, pharmacovigilance, IP and supply chain as well as marketing and sales.