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Maintaining the highest standards

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Maintaining the highest standards

All manufacturers with whom Mits cooperates are carefully inspected by Mits quality assurance division at regular intervals to ensure compliance with requirements for pharmaceuticals manufacturing. The company's manufacturers must be licensed by the Indian Medicines Agency and are inspected by that agency regularly.
Finally, the company's QP releases the pharmaceutical product for sale. The release is conditional on all analysis results meeting specifications and on the pharmaceutical having been manufactured, packaged and tested in accordance with GMP requirements, as defined in accordance with EU directives and the approved marketing authorization.



Safety Monitoring

Mits Pharmacovigilance team is responsible for monitoring, identifying, analyzing and reporting potential safety risks. The team actively reviews patient safety experiences, and uses an advanced database that allows for effective collection, assessment and prevention of adverse events.
We are continuously monitored by regulatory authorities. As a marketing licence holder, the company must meet the requirement of monitoring the safety of the products approved for use on the world market.